Polo Canada is a National Sports Organization that is committed to the promotion of polo in Canada, and to developing and maintaining standards of excellence for the sport Nationwide. Polo Canada offers support and resources to players and clubs across the country.

The goals of the Canadian Polo Association are:

1. To promote the sport of polo in Canada by: (a) increasing public awareness that the sport is available to all equestrians and fans; (b) by attracting new players to the game; and (c) by encouraging activities that portray the game of polo and Polo Canada in a professional, positive manner;

2. To ensure that Polo Canada member polo clubs and Polo Canada members adhere to the standards that include, but are not limited to, sportsmanship, fair play, equality, observance of the rules of the United States Polo Association (USPA), proper horsemanship and care of horses in accordance with standards acceptable to the Canadian Equestrian Community;

3. To ensure that member polo clubs have, and continue to maintain, facilities that meet Polo Canada standards that are, but not limited to, availibility of polo fields and/or arenas that provide a safe venue for players and spectators that are of a size and have a playing surface that comply with minimum standards of the USPA;

4. To provide a club certification program through adherence to standards referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 hereof. Clubs that qualify for membership in Polo Canada will receive a designation as a “certified polo club of the Canadian Polo Association”. Clubs failing to meet Polo Canada standards will not be admitted to membership or, if already a member, will be removed from membership if standards are not re-established within being notified of a breach of standards. Club memberships will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure compliance with standards.

5. To encourage the growth of polo by supporting training programs, youth programs and umpire programs for players at all levels of ability. To promote goodwill and sportsmanship and encourage human development through teaching the principles and organizational and managerial skills necessary to successfully participate in the game of polo.

6. To act as a source and conduit of information about polo in Canada and member clubs through the media, the internet and educational workshops to Polo Canada coaches, umpires, players, and prospective new clubs and players in furtherance of Polo Canada’s goals. It is recognized that Polo Canada clubs and members will assist in fundraising activities to support these initiatives along with other forms of non financial support.

7. To encourage Polo Canada clubs and members to work to raise money for worthwhile local community charitable causes whose objectives are not contradictory to the goals of Polo Canada but a benefit to the local community and the country as a whole.

8. To act as the representative body for polo in Canada to the Federation of International Polo (FIP) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and other national and international sport organizations and to encourage and support international competition.